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I found these really fab ones..

Reading Catch-22

"What would they do to me," he asked in confidential tones, "if I refuse to fly them?"
"We'd probably shoot you," ex-P.F.C. Wintergreen replied.
"We?" Yossarian cried in surprise. "What do you mean we? Since when are you on their side?"
"If you're going to be shot, whose side do you expect me to be on?" ex-P.F.C. Wintergreen retorted.

so impressed..
Прошедший фильм Тима Бертона всколыхнул общий интерес к одному из самых оригинальных произведений мировой литературы. На той же самой волне находясь, я решил сравнить две классических мультфильма - Уолта Диснея 1951 года и Ефрема Пружанского (перепросмотру которого напрямую способствовал dean_harper).
Сразу хочу сказать, что в анимации я понимаю немного, так что интерес был совершенно потребительский. Поэтому мое мнение не претендует в общем ни на что, кроме забвения в веках.
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P.P.S. happy unbirthday everyone!

Granny O'Grimm


This year Irish film festival in Moscow was worse, than the same one previous year for sure. But still it's a couple of good memorable things and a couple of stunning. One of those - here.

William Faulkner, an artist

 Have you ever though of William Faulkner as an artist? Maybe it's time to do it.. But anyway it was another way for him to release his eccentricity  

Never expect it so urban from him. But he ain't Dante G. Rossetti anyway, so no blame. 

Mar. 24th, 2010

This is Jobyna Ralston. She symbolizes to me all that charmes and appeals good old days have. As well as her acting symbolizes every bit of deep and thoughtful life We've lost.
Some men say I'm looking forward with a great bunch of pessimism. They're wrong. I'm not looking forward at all. I'm looking back.